There is no place like home...but thousands of people in our Communities do not have one


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The mission of our Coalition is to promote awareness, advocate, and take action on housing issues to enhance community life.

Our Key Messages

  • Decent affordable housing is essential for all people.
  • Good homes for all create strong healthy communities.
  • Housing is more than four walls and a roof-- it's homes, support, and community.
  • Lack of decent affordable housing has negative consequences for everyone.
  • In Alberta we have the resources, knowledge, and skills to make sure everyone has a decent place to call home in a strong healthy community

Join Us June 5 & 6, 2015
Homeless Memorial & Right To Housing Conference


November 21, 2014 -Right to HousingRally, view the following videos of the event Video1, Video2, Video3

Homeless Count 2014..read preliminary report

Home Safe Home...read newly released ECOHH publication

ECOHH Statement on Provincial Budget 2014..read statement

ECOHH Recommendations for Amendments to the Municipal Government Act..read recommendations.

Municipal Election 2013

  • View candidate responses to ECOHH's survey and questions you can ask the candidates..click here

Affordable Housing and Property Values..read more

9th Annual Homeless Memorial May 23, 2014..read more


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