There is no place like home...but thousands of people in our Communities do not have one


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Our Vision:

  • Edmonton is a city with safe, appropriate, affordable housing for all.
  • Edmonton is a city that cares and makes housing a priority, where housing is provided according to needs and choices.
  • Voices are heard and answered.

Our Mission:

The Edmonton Coalition On Housing and Homelessness promotes awareness, advocates, and takes action on housing issues to enhance community life.

Our Goals:

  • Develop Terms of Reference
  • Inform the public on matters of housing and homelessness
  • Advocacy, research, and awareness
  • Secure sustainable funding
  • Recruit, develop, engage, and retain membership
  • Increase member understanding of and participation in housing security issues

About Us

The Edmonton Coalition Housing and Homelessness (ECOHH) was created in 1986. Many organizations are active participants. Its mandate includes education and advocacy on homelessness and affordable housing.

ECOHH provided leadership in the formation of the Edmonton Housing Trust Fund in 1999. This fund now operates as Homeward Trust and is part of a long-term initiative to provide quality affordable housing in Edmonton by actual investment in projects.

ECOHH has a vision to create a broad based, unified voice to promote change to public policy, increase community knowledge and share information on affordable housing.

ECOHH invites membership from all groups and organizations concerned with issues related to people having challenges with decent housing.  Membership entitles an organization to attend meetings and to receive information, to stay informed about what is happening and to have a voice in advocacy. 

To raise awareness of housing issues, ECOHH is the sponsor of two annual events, Homefest Concert and the Homeless Memorial.

We invite you to join us for our next meeting.





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