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Memorial Sculpture

Decent affordable housing is essential for everyone. And when everyone has a home, we have stronger healthier communities. This sculpture will be a powerful reminder to all Edmontonians that we can and must work together to achieve this in our city.

The sculpture is located in a small park on 103A Avenue, immediately north of City Hall, between 99 and 100 Streets. It was created by local sculptors Keith Turnbull and Ritchie Velthius, with the participation of a number of artists who know the experience of homelessness

The design is a large doorway with a homeless person sitting in front of it. Small tiles mounted around the edges of the door represent ideas by the participating artists about why having a home is important.

“It was a powerful experience to work with the artists and hear their stories and passions as they created their tiles,” says Turnbull. The artists worked at tables on the main floor of City Hall over several weeks earlier in the year when creating the tiles, so often had members of the public drop by to see them working.

The $40 000 cost of the sculpture was mostly paid through a grant to ECOHH from Edmonton Arts Council's Community Public Arts program, with additional costs covered by ECOHH and other supporters of the project.

For several years ECOHH has held an annual memorial service to pay tribute to people who have died during the previous year from causes connected to homelessness or inadequate housing. The sculpture will now mean that Edmontonians can be reminded all year round of the terrible cost of homelessness in our community. Housing is more than four walls and a roof. It is supports, community, having a home. We have the resources to make sure this is true in Edmonton. ECOHH hopes this new dramatic work of art will make a contribution to growing understanding and commitment to make this true.

Below you will find some of the history of this Memorial Sculpture's creation. 

November Update

The sculpture was installed on November 21, 2011.  A public dedication was held December 1, 2011 at City Hall. 
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October Update

These two photos show that the sculpture is finished and ready for installation. 



July Update Photos


June Update

As the memorial project moves forward, the 50+ tiles created at the City Hall work sessions in May (see May update below) are being fired and work is moving forward on the main body of the sculpture. These photos show the first work to create the sitting person and the beginning of the welding to create the doorway.

May Update

During May 2011, more than a dozen artists who are experienced with the challenges of homelessness and housing challenges have been working in the beautiful space of City Hall with sculptors Keith Turnbull and Ritchie Velthius as ECOHH's project to create a memorial to the lives of people struggling to have homes has begun to take shape. The artists have created over 50 clay tiles that are now being fired. Each tile is a small statement about some aspect of the artist's experience with housing.

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The tiles will cover a metal structure that will remind of the doorway inviting a person into a home. The project will be located at a prominent location in the heart of Edmonton's downtown area later this year. Edmonton Arts Council is funding the project.

Memorial Sculpture

Photos by Paula E. Kirman ©

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103 A Avenue NW Edmonton AB
between 99 St and 100 Street



For more information about the project, please contact Jim Gurnett,