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2014 Homeless Count Preliminary Report..read report
Home Safe Home..read this ECOHH publication
ECOHH makes recommendations for admendment of the Municipal Government Act...read recommendations
Support for Affordable Housing missing in Federal Budget..read CHRA's statement
State of Homelessness in Canada Video...watch video
Breaking the cycle: New project seeks to deal with Edmonton’s high-needs homeless..read story
Could a Tiny House Movement End Homelessness..read more
From Words to Action, Can Alberta Afford a Real Poverty Reduction Strategy..read report

Renewed Call for Nation Housing Strategy..read news report

Call for Gender Equal Approach to Housing..read report
13 Things to include in Municipal Homelessness Reduction Strategies..read Ontario report

Political Support Needed to Build Inclusive Communities..read opinion

Homeless Connect...to Legal Services...read more

Homeless Policy Presentation by Nick Falvo, Carlton University..view presentation

National Homelessness Study 2005-2009..read more

8th Annual Homeless Memorial held May 10th, 2013..read more

ECOHH submits letter on Federal Budget to Edmonton Journal..read letter

Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness comments on Federal Budget..read comments

Edmonton Social Planning Council's comments on Provincial Budget..read comments

Comments to ECOHH from 3 Edmonton MP's on Bill C-400's defeat...read comments

ECOHH Responds to Provincial Budget..read newsrelease

FAQ's on City of Edmonton's "Housing Investment Pause Policy"..read more

Understanding Tenancy Failures and Successes..read report

Alberta Establishes Interagency Council on Homelessness..read Edmonton Journal report ...visit Council website.

Edmonton Homeless Count 2012..read report

ECOHH News Release on Homeless Count..read release

Housing Forecast 2013..read forecast

ECOHH's comments on Alberta's Social Policy Framework..read comments

Don't Freeze Subsidized Housing..read ECOHH's letter to Editor

Welcome Home links "Friends" with former homeless..read more

Homeless Need A Network...view this US film

Journeys Home...read about this Australian survey

The Geograpy of Homelessness...read research paper

ECOHH responds to report on Non Market Housing..read ECOHH response.

read Edmonton Journal newstory on report

view CTV video on report

listen to CBC Radio report

Edmonton’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness Delivers Results...read more

Alberta extends funding to help homeless Edmonton crime victims...read more

YWCA fact sheet on women and homelessness...read more

Homeward Trust Releases Community Plan 2011-15...read the plan

Housing Subsidies and Homelessness: A Simple Idea ..read this University of Calgary research document.

Change process for approving social housing   ...read more

Edmonton Homelessness Commission - Study of Homeless in Edmonton with Intensive Needs    ...read report 
(large file, please be patient).

Mental Health Commission of Canada's At Home project
..read News Release               ...Visit their website

In This Together, Ending Poverty in Alberta.  ..read report

Memorial Sculpture installed on November 21, 2011
..read News Release    ...Visit sculpture's history webpage

Presentation by Tom Carter on Federal and Provincial Immigration Policy and Housing Outcomes 
...view presentation

Two articles on aboriginal people and homelessness distributed at 2011 Homefest...read first .... read second .

Hunger Count, a comprehensive report on hungar and Food Bank use in Canada..read more
New ESPC Document:  Tracking the Trends..read more

Alberta fulfills committment to 11,000 housing units..read more

This Place Saved My Life..read more

Native children in care surpass residential school era..read more

Give Homeless Your Ear..Not Your Money..read more

Rent versus Own...read this article from Canadian Businss.com

New Federal/Provincial Affordable Housing Framework announced, ...read more

Research paper from Public Policy School at University of Calgary on approaches to affordable rent..read more

Housing for ex-cons..Spend a little, save a lot..read more

Memorial Sculpture taking shape.. read more

Inner City Slo-Pitch Team
Read Edmonton Journal Story

Recreation Designed for Homeless
Read Edmonton Sun Story

Police Team with Alberta Health to Combat Inner City Woes
Read Edmonton Journal Story

Give Us Your Poor CD by Appleseed Records.
Purchase CD

National Housing Research Committee-Spring Newsletter
View Newsletter

Crime Prevention Funding Announced
Read Edmonton Journal Story
Second Edmonton Journal Story

Province of Alberta to invest $100million in housing for low-income and homeless
Read Press Release
Read Edmonton Journal Story

Housing and Harm Reduction Article by Edmonton Social Planning Council
Read Article

City Helps Launch New Affordable Housing Project for Womien
Read News Article
With No Help In Place, Refugees Pay Too Much For Shelter
Read News Article

Life on the Streets Captured in New Collection
Read News Article

Faith Groups Commit to Ending Homelessness
Read News Article

Alberta to spend $54million on Homeless Plan this Year
Read News Article
Read Press Release

Edmonton Inner-City Chinese Garden Redevelopment

The redevelopment of Mary Burlie Park may displace transients. 
read more

Affordable Housing Grants

Alberta announces affordable housing grants.  read more.

Alberta View Article on 10 Year Plan

Read this article about Alberta's response to homelessness. 
Click Here

Memorial for Homeless Persons

The 6th Annual Memorial for Homeless Persons was held in Edmonton on January 22, 2011.   Read More About the Memorial.

CMHC releases Fall 2010 Rental Market Reports

The average rental apartment vacancy rate in Canada’s 35 major centres1 decreased slightly to 2.6 per cent in October 2010, from 2.8 per cent in October 2009, according to the fall Rental Market Survey released December 9th Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation ).

View Rental Market Reports for major urban centres in Canada.

Countdown: Putting a number on homelessness

The 2010 count of homeless people was released in mid-November and what little media attention it received was full of back-slapping congratulations that we now have homelessness on the run. The numbers were down from the 2008 count, after increases in every count from 1999 to 2008. 

Read full article from the December edition of
Edmonton Street News

New Report Released:  Time for Action: Working Together to End Poverty in Alberta.

The Edmonton Social Planning Council and Public Interest Alberta released a new report, Time For Action: that shows 53,000 Alberta children lived below Statistics Canada's low-income cut-off (after-tax) in 2008, and that number is probably higher today due to the effects of the recession on our economy.

The report traces economic consequences of living in poverty in Alberta, offers some recommendations and directions to move forward, and scans poverty-reduction strategies in other Canadian provinces and territories....read more.

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee Update

In October 1998 Toronto Disaster Relief Committee declared homelessness a national disaster.

It still is a disaster. 12 years of government inaction leave us without a national housing program and in nearly all cases without a provincial program. The Recession has only deepened the crisis across the country.

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee is 12 years old and we are now 'without a home'. The impact of the recession, among other factors, has meant we could no longer afford staff or our rent at the Church of the Holy Trinity. I'm happy to report that all of our valuable history:  files, media releases, film, books and photos that show our work on Tent City, the TB inquest, the freezing deaths inquest, inhumane shelter conditions, hot and cold weather emergencies, etc. will now be safely housed in the City of Toronto Archives.

However, to make matters worse, Canada Post refuses to forward our mail, despite our registration for mail fowarding - the reason being we were one of several tenants at the same address. This is fairly serious for us as donations coming in over the holiday season and winter months fuel what work we can do.

So I write to fill you in on our contact info:

Our new mailing address is
PO Box 662, 31 Adelaide St. E
Toronto, ON
M5C 2J8

Our phone number remains the same: 416-599-8372
Email is: torontodisasterrelief@gmail.com
Website: www.tdrc.net

Many thanks,  Cathy Crowe, Volunteer ED of Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

Canada inching closer to National Housing Plan

Canada is inching closer to a long overdue and much-needed national affordable housing plan according to Michael Shapcott....read more.


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