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There is no place like home...but thousands of people in our Communities do not have one


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One Room

On May 27 ECOHH is presenting, one show only, a very powerful program called "One Room" that brings together Sharon Nolan's photography of people living in rooming houses in Edmonton with songs written about some of these people and performed by Joe Nolan, Maria Dunn, Jessica Heine, and Bob Jahrig.

There were some people fortunate enough to see a briefer version of this show at the 2010 Homefest, but this is very much an evening not to be missed. There are a very limited number of tickets available for the evening, so ECOHH encourages people to get their own tickets soon and also to let others know about the event by sharing the event poster and/or flyer.

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(This is a two page document that can be printed double-sided to produce the handout flyer).