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The Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness works to enhance community life through collaborating with stakeholders in raising awareness of, advocating for and taking action on housing and homelessness issues.

Membership at ECOHH provides the opportunity to gather and collaborate with a diverse group that all share the common vision of safe, appropriate, affordable housing for all Edmontonians.
Learn more about what ECOHH does here.

As ECOHH is a volunteer coalition our annual membership drive is our primary source of ongoing funding. Along with donations, we rely on our annual membership fees to support ECOHH's activities and events.

  • Membership in ECOHH does not mean that any member will be identified as supporting any particular statement or position, when from time-to-time ECOHH makes public comment on matters that relate to its mission, unless the member has agreed to be so identified. Organizational membership, however, is public information.


  • Organizations that wish to have their visual identity appear with their name in membership lists are asked to send an electronic file to

  • The ability to pay the membership fee is not intended to be a barrier to joining ECOHH. If an individual or organization are unable to pay the fee, please contact to discuss alternate arrangements.

Yearly Memberships are $10 for an individual or $150 for an organization     


In addition to membership fees, Donations are also welcome to help sustain ECOHH                                       

If you would like to join ECOHH as a new member or renew your membership for the upcoming year from  April 1 2024 - March 31 2025, please:                                                

1) Complete the form linked in the blue button below, & 

2) Send an etransfer to with the appropriate amount
($10 for individuals & $150 for organizations)

Or contact to discuss alternate arrangements.

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