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The Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (ECOHH) was created in 1986. While the majority of the members are local non-governmental associations, both individuals and the private sector are represented in its membership. Representatives from the municipal government also participate at the ECOHH table.

To have dignified, accessible, affordable, culturally-appropriate, and safe housing, in healthy communities, empowers all people in Edmonton.


The Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness is a member-driven coalition working to raise awareness, advocate, and educate for actions and solutions to housing and homelessness issues.


  •  Housing is a human right

  • Collaboration: Diverse individuals and groups share responsibility, in relationships, to effectively
    address housing and homelessness.

  •  Home is more than four walls and a roof- it is housing, supports, and community.

  • Participating together: All voices, especially those most negatively impacted and marginalized, are
    heard and incorporated when making decisions.

  • Commitment to evidence, openness to creative thinking, transparent and accountable processes


1. Increase awareness and knowledge of current and emerging housing and homelessness issues,
information about responses that have succeeded, and the need to create options based upon
new approaches and thinking.
2. Support and collaborate with actionable local projects geared to addressing housing and
3. Identify and advocate for public policies to achieve ECOHH’s vision.
4. Create opportunities for collaboration amongst members and with external partners to respond to
housing needs.


  • We host monthly General Meetings to provide members and the public with information on current housing issues and polices. These meetings are held from 10am-11:30am on the 2nd Tuesday of each month between September through to June each year and feature an education session – with a guest speaker or a discussion led by our Policy and Communications Committee (PACC). PACC also meets monthly, the 1st Tuesday of the month from 3:30-5:00pm.

  • ECOHH provided leadership in the formation of the Edmonton Housing Trust Fund in 1999.

    • This fund now operates as Homeward Trust and is part of a long-term initiative to provide quality affordable housing in Edmonton by investment in projects.

  • In the past, ECOHH coordinated HomeFest, an annual folk music festival concert to draw attention to the need for more affordable housing.

  • ECOHH is the sponsor of the annual Homeless Memorial, commissioned the Memorial Sculpture and advocated for naming the location of the Sculpture the ‘Homeless Memorial Plaza’ (immediately north of City Hall, 103A to 104 Avenue and 99 to 100 Streets).

    • ​The sculpture was created by local sculptors Keith Turnbull and Ritchie Velthius, with the participation of a number of artists who know the experience of homelessness 

  • During Municipal, Provincial and Federal elections ECOHH engages in a public awareness campaign on housing and community supports.

    • This includes sending out a survey to candidates and disseminating responses to the public, creating housing fact sheets and organizing public forums.

  • ECOHH presents tours in Edmonton for elected leaders and key government staff to see a range of positive models in practice.

  • ECOHH participates with many municipal, provincial, and federal initiatives by being engaged in public policy discussions and responding to requests for input—most recently submitting a report to the Government of Alberta’s Affordable Housing Review Panel this past September. Submissions, documents and ECOHH member developed resources are available in our shared google drive, accessible through our 'Resources' section.  

  • And more



  • Chairperson: Nadine Chalifoux

  • Treasurer: Reza Khalili

  • Secretary: Blake Jackman

  • Board Member at Large: Bradley Lafortune

  • Board Member At Large: Alice Mwemera

  • Past Chair: Laura Murphy

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