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Executive Council Committee: Feb 16

Tomorrow (February 16), the Assessment and Taxation Branch will be presenting a report to City Council’s Executive Committee about Affordable Housing Property Tax Exemptions. This could impact the viability of existing affordable and permanent supportive housing as well as pose a financial barrier to developing new housing.

This report is listed as item 6.1 Affordable Housing Exemptions on the Feb 16 Executive Committee Agenda. Clicking on the item (6.1 in the agenda) will allow you to then click on the report and attachment. If the link doesn't work for you, you can go to the calendar on the Council and Committees page and click on the Executive Committee meeting on February 16th for the agenda and attached reports. ECOHH has also saved this report and attachment as item (1) and (2) in our shared subfolder.

ECOHH's Policy and Communications Committee has put together a response to this report with 3 key messages. You can access ECOHH's response here which is saved in our "Upcoming - Feb 16/22 taxation" subfolder in our (publicly shared) resources folder.

If you or anyone you know would like to speak you can complete this 'Request to Speak' form. Alternatively (or in addition to speaking) you may also send written submissions by 4:30pm today (Feb. 15) using this form. The meeting will be live streamed and can be viewed at once it begins at 9:30am tomorrow.

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