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Seeking Volunteers for Action on September 28

Can you spare a little time on September 28 to help get better funding for affordable housing and eliminate the scourge of homelessness?

The Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness wants to have volunteers on the streets that day, the same day there will be a count taking place of the number of people who do not have a home of their own.

Including important information about the magnitude of the housing problem and how we can change for the better by getting more government funding, we will be distributing this simple handbill to the public (print single OR double sided):

Single Sided - 1 is too many flyer
Download PDF • 3.31MB

Double Sided - 1 is too many flyer
Download PDF • 289KB

We would like to have volunteers at any time of day and any location around the city where there is likely to be lots of people around. The task just involves a gentle offer to people as they pass by to take a handbill.

Volunteers do not need to be experts on issues of housing security and homelessness or to engage in discussions. There will be a training session available with some helpful hints to make it a comfortable activity. If you would be more comfortable doing this with a partner, that can be arranged. Better yet, recruit your own partner!

If you would be willing to help with this activity, please send email Jim Gurnett ( as soon as possible (but no later than September 25) with your name, phone number, email, and an indication of where in the city you might do this and what time of day. We will be in touch.

The key message of this action, "1 is too many" – that funding the building of non-market housing and associated support services is needed to end housing insecurity. We want to remind thousands of Edmontonians of that on September 28 and also invite you to help spread this message on your socials using the hashtag #1toomany

Please find a little time to help. Thank you!!

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