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ECOHH's Response to the City of Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw Renewal released

Download PDF • 73KB

ECOHH has sent in this (please read) response to the proposed zoning bylaw renewal by the City of Edmonton. The Bylaw goes to council on October 16th, 17th and 18th. ECOHH chair, Nadine Chalifoux will speak in person to council along with dozens of other concerned citizens both for and opposed to the bylaw.

Being opposed to a bylaw that is not putting the PRIORITY on Human Rights housing and to the people who are financially restricted and cannot afford market housing rates is vital.!

Not to say we are opposed to new housing, just asking for more affordable, appropriate housing. Housing for all!!! If we come together to voice our concerns, we become stronger.

Anyone who wants to join, please go to Monday morning to see when ECOHH is slated to speak. It may be Monday or Tuesday. We would love your support virtual or in person.

See interviews by CBC (within first 10 minutes) and Global News Edmonton for more.

Note: News in Canada will no longer be allowed on platforms from Meta (Facebook and Instagram) we will try to provide as much related news postings on the ECOHH website.

UPDATE: NAIT NewsWatch October 20th,  2023 Interview – Nadine on City Zoning Bylaws renewal

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