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Homelessness & Encampment Response Strategy going back to Council

Item 6.5, "Homelessness and Encampment Response Strategy" is going to City Council on Monday, May 9. There are 4 attachments for this item which can be found when you click on item 6.5 in the agenda.

Members of the public can register to speak on this item (

  • ECOHH appreciates the knowledge and commitment about the right of all people to adequate housing that our City Council has expressed.

  • We recommend Council ignore this report and instead make a brave and exciting commitment to be a leader in finding a better way to address the reality of people living in informal and temporary shelter.

    • Starting with the expertise of folks who are actually living in these situations and what they think would be a better approach.

For additional information: - Please see ECOHH's May 6/22 Press Release linked here

- Jim's recent interview with the Edmonton Journal on encampments can be found here

- ECOHH's 2019 submission

Update, Press: - CityNews (May 12/22)

- CBC (May 11/22)

- Edmonton Journal (May 11/22)

- Alberta Primetime (May 24/22) starting at the 16 minute point in this program

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